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Welcome to course Khana

We are an Educational Academy looks for improving students knowledge through its educational and training courses.
Our professional academics and teachers are leading this academy with their knowledge and experience, offering useful university curriculums courses with simple and clear presenting.

Our mission:

Offering excellent educational services, and useful trainings.


  • Several university syllabuses teaching experience since 2017- 2022
  • More than 1000 students through Turkey, Cyprus, and other countries
  • University subjects courses according to Turkish universities curriculums
  • Preparatory courses for SAT exam
  • Preparatory courses for GRE exam

Our services

University Students:

  • Basic Engineering online courses, in addition to ability to contact the teacher during the course
  • Online live classes for basic engineering, medical and other subjects
  • Private tutors, concentrating on the specific university curriculum of the student 
  • All our courses include universities’ theoretical syllabuses explanation, practical exercises and previous exams training.

Preparatory year students:

  • We offer for you online live preparatory courses for Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) with professional teachers and modern manner.

Graduate students:

  • We offer for you online live preparatory courses for Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for Masters and Doctorate.