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Pre-University Program – Engineering 23/24


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In general, universities do not consider the diversity of backgrounds among new students, as the students come from different countries with differentt levels of knowledge.

The course aims to close the readiness gap between high school and university. It was specifically developed for potential future students: it covers physics and calculus topics that are a prerequisite for most of engineering programs. The course not only covers the content needed for further study but also introduces the different ways in which knowledge is presented at university level to ensure an easy entry to a new degree program.

Physics is the foundation of many important science and engineering disciplines. Understanding its basics is fundamental for advanced studies. In this course, you will have the chance to review the fundamentals to ensure you have a smooth start in the first year of your bachelor’s degree.

Calculus is one of the most important courses that engineering student study in his first year. This course aims to provide the new engineering students with the fundamentals which are expected by the professors at the universities.

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Level: Engineering